Omega chapter

Pi Nu Chapter

to honor and remember

Dedicated to those Pi Nu Chapter Brothers who have transitioned on to the Omega Chapter.
We will add them from time to time, as the Lord willeth, when brothers are called one by one or as a group.

When we wear the gloves

by Dr. Carver A. Portlock

When we wear the gloves
A Brother has gone from our midst
And sailed to golden shores.

When we wear the gloves
A Friend has passed the final test
And walks through purple doors.

The circle has an empty place
A Voice will raise no more
The song of fellowship and love
Uplift forevermore
When we wear the gloves

When we wear the gloves
A Light goes from this earthly life
The visor closed again
Yet all the heavens open wide
To let a new star in.

When we wear the gloves
A Brother leaves the chapter rolls
And moves to other worlds
For when we say our last goodbye
He walks on streets of Pearl.

Lt. C. Curtis L. Armstrong

James N. Brimberry

Johnny L. Brown

Dr. Lemmie Deliford, Sr.

George H. Demeritte

Joshua K. Dove, II

Charles Gray

Dr. Herbert Greene

Troy A. Hamilton

Arthur H. Humes

James Johnson

Harold E. Martin

Daniel McPhaul

Walter E. Oden

Samuel Paul

Zerion D. Simpson, Jr.

Estaban Taboda

Hubert A. Thompson

Rufus L. Tribble

William L. Weaver

Dr. Willie Williams

Dr. Willie Joe Wright

Clifford McKinney

Willie Clarington